Welcome to Winona's Hemp & Heritage Farm

The hemp farm is growing. We've about 8 acres of hemp in the fields, CBD varieties growing in gardens, and are looking forward to the summer and fall. Join us. And thank you again to our Kickstarter Partners!! www.winonashemp.com Video by Pickett Pictures LLC


To create an Indigenous women-led regenerative economy that is kind to the Earth.

 In Anishinaabe prophecies our time is referred to as the time of the 7th fire, a time when our people will be given the choice between the green path and the scorched path. We have walked down the scorched path of fossil fuels, and GMO’s, and monoculture agriculture  for too long. With Winona’s Hemp and Heritage Farm, we are moving forward armed with our ancestral wisdom to create the regenerative economies our children deserve to inherit. To do this, we will work with tribal and non-tribal producers to create a value-added hemp industry. The industry will focus on hemp fiber for paper, clothing and hemp food products. It’s time for us to move forward towards a green future. It’s time for Winona’s Hemp.

We are moving forward towards a green future. Winona's Hemp & Heritage Farm... it's time.