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Anishinaabe Agriculture Institute

Partner Programs

Anishinaabe Gookoosh Program

Partner Farmer Martin Curry (Saginaw Chippewa) has been raising heritage pigs on Madeline Island for two years. Having purchased a farm last year, he is expanding his rotation of pigs and heritage foods for local markets. This year, he is working with Red Cliff to expand the project to that tribe.  We allocated $5000 for the tribal pig programs.

White Fish Lake/Garrison Project

Farming partner Don Wedll was able to put up a high tunnel this year, with support from the USDA NCRS program. The high tunnel holds some garden varieties of basil, and tomatoes, artichokes, and CBD hemp varietals.   This farm is the site of most of the heritage potatoes as it is isolated from the industrial potato fields in northern Minnesota.   We have also undertaken significant work in building soil here with fish remains.   The potato project is a research collaboration with the University of Wisconsin school of agriculture on heritage potato varieties.  This is the third year in the project.  Both this farm and the northern farm will be producing varieties of potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes for farmers markets and tribal stores.

To be continued …