Our Projects


Our Hemp

In the age when hemp is growing in popularity because of its wide range of uses, I find that I am most interested in fiber. That is perhaps because I am a seamstress, but more likely because of the huge environmental problems of clothing made of synthetics. Until the 1920s 80% of the clothing made in the US was made from Hemp. New studies indicate that the fibers in our clothes could be poisoning our waterways and food chain on a massive scale. We will use our Hemp to make fiber.

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Our Heritage

My father once told me that he didn’t want to hear my philosophy unless I was able to grow corn, and so beginning in the late 1990s, I became a traditional corn farmer, along with beans, squash and tobacco. The 40-acre farm we have sought out for Winona’s Hemp and Heritage Farm has rich soils, healthy waters and a barn where we will store our seeds and hemp. This farm will be an anchor for the restoration of traditional varieties, hemp test plots, and a training place for horse powered agriculture. 


Our Farm

My interest is in the restoration of post-petroleum agriculture and in that, horses are the key for me.. The scale of agriculture in the region, that is industrial agriculture, is destructive. The larger the operations, the more fossil fuels, the more pesticides, herbicides, and impact on the health of Mother Earth, and therefore, all of us. Winona's Hemp and Heritage Farm will be a place for the horses and children, because that is how we live. We intend to care for our horses, and to continue to use our horses as a part of labor for our farm.

“My dream of establishing Winona’s Hemp and Heritage Farm was inspired by the decades I’ve spent fighting to protect Anishinaabe culture, seeds, lands and waters.” -Winona LaDuke”