Winona LaDuke's Spotted Horse Coffees

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Winona LaDuke’s Spotted Horse Coffees: Features organic and fair trade coffees.  We roast in small seven pound batches. What this means, is that we are fresh, we know where our coffee comes from, and we are enjoying ourselves. On a worldwide scale, coffee has been laden with pesticides, workers have been exposed to hazards, and profits have been taken from poor and indigenous communities, by large corporations and the military. 

Coffee is politicized, and coffee has been a sword in the hearts of communities.  We do not support that.  We know that something as beautiful as coffee should come from a beautiful place. We also wanted to create a small business on our reservation, so it is that our roasters are community people, and are pleased to have a source of income here, noopeming, deep in the woods.  We are just beginning.

SPOTTED HORSE COFFEES features fair trade and organic Central and South American, African and Indonesian blends. We are a small batch craft roaster. We pay careful attention to each batch ensuring a perfect roast each time. Our rich flavors reflect our rich culture, featuring fair trade, organic and indigenous coffees. We are a tribally owned coffee company. My extended family and I are your roasters.

  • Winona’s Breakfast Blend: A light Vienna roast perfect for cappuccino flavor. A Blend of Central, African and Indonesian coffees, those are some of the most aromatic and romantic coffees in the world, smokey, exotic chocolate and beautiful.

  • Water Protectors Blend: Dark roast with a subtle sweet hint of chocolate, definitely one of the favored blends. Our choices here are El Salvadorian, Honduras and Costa Rica small batch producers. We name this in honor of Water Protectors. And, this coffee is roasted by Water Protectors.

  • Riel: Extra Dark French Roast with a bold aromatic finish.

  • Chief Hole In The Day: Medium Roast with a rich full blend of Central, African and Indonesian coffee

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